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The goal of this site is to be eminently usable to visitors who want to make cloud services work for them. Our target demographic is web developers who often need to choose between a myriad of competing services, and who often has precious little time to make such decisions. Making the right choice, quickly, is what we are here for.

This site will naturally cover the most commonly used cloud services, such as online storage & backup, web hosting, messaging, bulk email, credit card processing etc. We expect to draw the attention of busy web developers (is that you?) who may be searching for more specialized services as well (message queues, NoSQL data stores, etc.) and we  will cover those things as well, and especially if you ask us to!

So, use the comments to suggest a specific service for us to cover, or even en entire service category.

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  1. Google fan says:

    Please cover the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and the Google AJAX API’s

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