Bitcasa (infinite drive)

Bitcasa is a relatively new entrant in the online backup / cloud storage market. I have placed Bitcasa in the “Online Backup” category because it seems more targeted to this market. With Bitcasa installed, you get an extra vortual hard drive where you can store an unlimited (practically infinite) amount of data.

Because Bitcasa appears as a new drive, it’s a bit different from it’s competitors, and this warrants some explaining:

  • Your files are automatically cached locally (until the upload is done) so that copying files to the virtual drive is much faster than the actual upload.
  • Files are retrieved on-demand, and all this happens behind the scenes, as Bitcasa implements a virtual file system and figures out what needs to be fetched from it’s servers as you use the virtual drive.
  • You can configure Bitcasa to mirror folders such that it makes new backup copies whenever your change files withing the mirrored folders. This is essentially the same concept as Dropbox, except you can have multiple mirrored folders, on several computers.

Bitcasa is in the same price range as it’s competitors, at around $10/month, for infinite storage.If you have a LOT of data to back up, expect this to take a long time, i.e. several months. For pricing details, see the Bitcasa pricing page.

If you are currently using Bitcasa, or have used it recently, please comment on what you like/dislike about it. This will let other readers know what to expect, and help them select the best service for their needs. Thanks!


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