Carbonite Online Backup

Carbonite is currently one of the largest online backup services for personal and business use. Their software is designed to be easy to use, and runs in the background to continuously store backup copies of your files to their online data storage centers.

My personal experience with Carbonite was mixed. While it was very easy to get started, it became more problematic once I had uploaded several hundred GB’s of files. It was difficult to navigate and locate individual files. I was unhappy with their file sharing mechanisms (I was never able to use it due to it’s complexity). I eventually discontinued this service, and I’m currently using BitCasa instead.

Carbonite is priced very reasonably. For less than $5/month you can store an unlimited amount of data. If you have a LOT of data to back up, expect this to take a long time, i.e. several months. For pricing details, see the Carbonite pricing page.

If you are currently using Carbonite, or have used it recently, please comment on what you like/dislike about it. This will let other readers know what to expect, and help them select the best service for their needs. Thanks!


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