Mozy Online Backup

Mozy is another popular online backup services for personal and business use. Their software is designed to be easy to use, and runs in the background to continuously store backup copies of your files to their online data storage centers.

The recently added 2xProcect feature will store a local backup (on an external drive) in addition to uploading your files to the Mozy online storage center. This provide much better overall protection and performance, since you can restore files much faster from the local backup, and have a remote copy as well. I expect competing services to add similar features to their products, because it just make so much sense.

Mozy is priced very reasonably. For less than $10/month you can store an unlimited amount of data. If you have a LOT of data to back up, expect this to take a long time, i.e. several months. For pricing details, see theĀ Mozy pricing page.

If you are currently using Mozy, or have used it recently, please comment on what you like/dislike about it. This will let other readers know what to expect, and help them select the best service for their needs. Thanks!


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