Surprisingly early guest sign-up

I recently added this site to Google Webmaster Tools, in order to get the Googlebot to start indexing my site. I have put zero effort into marketing this site, because I don’t really have a lot of content here yet. My plan is to build up a decent content base (drawing from my personal experiences) and then try to get contributions from other Cloud Service users to fill in the blanks.

Imaging my surprise when I got a guest sign-up just 1 day after my site showing up on Google! My guess is that this user did a search for CDN services, and found my site. Yay, Google works!

Anyway, I’m slowly adding CDN’s to my list, and today I added one that I have NO personal experience with. The service is and is based in London (UK). If you have personal experience using net please drop me a note about the likes and dislikes, so that I can update the service profile.

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